Bi-Set Duo


Despite passing several auditions for the television talent show "Opportunity Knocks" it was'nt until 6th March 1978 that we were asked to appear. It was the very last voting show. Hughie Green had decided to call it a day. At the time we had just released an EP of four songs which were written by Arthur.

Ahh, yes good old vinyl !!!!!!

Peter Dulay who was the producer at the time, liked our performance of one of the tracks, "Mississippi Candlelight". We had to dress appropriately for the song so Country & Western outfits were the order of the day.      

The filming was at  Thames Television Studios, London. 

Janice Nicholls of "Thank your Lucky Stars" fame was our sponsor.


Of course in 1978 we didn't have a video recorder so were unable to get a copy of "Opportunity Knocks" at that time. However, as you are all aware, certain things come back to haunt you & in 2000 we were featured on a programme called "It's Only TV but I Like It".  It was a quiz show hosted by Jonathon Ross. The production company were kind enough to send us a copy of the whole show from '78. So thanks to Open Mike productions we can now embarrass the grandkids!!